Our Programs

Rainbow Tots Class

Our Rainbow Tots class is designed for 2 1/2 year old children.  Children in this class do not need to be potty trained.  Children are introduced to a fun, educational, Christian environment where they learn through play.  Large and fine motor skills are reinforced.  Learning is encouraged through games, songs, circle time, crafts, and outdoor and indoor exploration. This class has a lead and assistant teacher.  Class size is kept to a maximum of 14 children.  Parents are required to walk their child into the classroom in the morning.  At dismissal time, parents wait at the exterior glass doors where the teachers bring the children for dismissal.

Preschool Classes

We offer preschool classes for 3 to 5 year old children.  As a Christian preschool, we incorporate appropriate Bible stories, songs and prayers into classroom activities.  Individual, large and small group lessons are part of every school day. Creative and fun activities are designed to prepare each child to successfully acquire the skills needed to transition to kindergarten. Class size is kept to a maximum of 14 to 16 children.  Each class has a lead and assistant teacher. We offer one 3 year old class where children do not need to be potty trained, however, for all other preschool classes children should be potty trained.  Parents may drive up and drop-off / pick-up their child at the door.  Teachers are present to unload and load children from cars.

Lunch Bunch

This extended day program is for 3 to 5 year old potty- trained children. Children bring their lunch and enjoy time eating, playing, and participating in additional activities in the gym or playground.