Giant A+ School Rewards Program

Once your BonusCard is linked to Noah’s Ark Preschool, you will support our preschool every year unless you go online and make a change. You can select up to 2 schools to support.

To link your Giant BonusCard to Noah’s Ark Preschool, please follow the directions below:


First Register Your BonusCard

• Go online to

• Select Register

• Follow the prompts to create your account


Next, Link Your BonusCard to Noah’s Ark Preschool

• Go online to

• Sign in to your account

• Select Savings

• Select Programs

• Select A+ Give Back to Local Schools-Register Now

• Enter Noah’s Ark Preschool’s ID #40666

• Select Save and Finish This does not affect your Gas Savings or Grocery Dollars.

Giant A+School Rewards Program runs August 2, 2019 to March 14, 2020.